I’m Cristina from Greece.

I never have enough time to do all the things that I want to. And that includes editing my about page, updating my blog, keeping in touch with comments and other blogs. But I try. It just takes a while.

I am easily bored, so I always learn new skills.

I like sewing and crochet. But give me a room with a sewing machine and a crochet hook and I’ll go for the machine.

I like minimalism but I’m chaotic by nature.

Stalking never hurted anyone:

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and for anyone wondering about the blog’s title (and my internet alias in general), it’s from T. Pynchon’s Vineland:

[..]They went out of the restaurant and down a long vinyl arcade, among invisible birds and dew that still lay in the shadows, to their conference room. The little portable sign read OPEN KARMOLOGY CLINIC, WALK RIGHT IN, NO APPT. NECESSARY.[...]