August was here.  And will be here for a couple of days more.  I still have time to review the month before it ends. And make a list with a few resolutions about the new school year.

Weather is delightfully getting cooler, although it is still very warm compared to northern climates. But after 2 months of ridiculous amounts of sweat, multiple-per-day outdoor showers and feeling zombified in the middle of the day, one can finally work and play comfortably.

Work and play. August was all work and no play though. This summer was like that. But let’s move on.

This August I also wrote down the Karmology Clinic brand philosophy. It helps to keep things focused. One of my goals is to creatively merge the designer and seamstress status. This came after lots of thinking. Do I sell only my own designs? Am I open to custom requests? And if yes to what extend? If a customer has a design in her mind and wants me to create it, how do I proceed? I decided I am interested in creating custom designs for customers, as long as I have  a certain amount of creative freedom and control over the result and I dig the design. And of course I don’t to copy any existing pattern or design. It’s a different thing to say “I want a summer knee length dress with short sleeves and narrow waist in earth colors” and a whole different thing to say “I want this Burda/Vogue/etc pattern in that red fabric”.

I also find it quite interesting to add upcycling to the above process. Meaning using previously loved clothes owned by the customer to make something new. I was happy this summer to be involved in such a request. It involved a lovely long skirt that the customer wanted to turn into a dress. We decided on a modern version of the German traditional dirndl dress. I drafted the pattern and made a muslin which I sent to the customer first for evaluating. After that I cut into the precious skirt. And the result was this:

(on the right you can see the photo of the original  skirt)

(front and back)

Another custom request I got this summer was from an old internet friend of mine. She fell in love with the colors and designer fabric of my Aubergine Purple Dress and wanted a summer dress that would compliment her figure and include this specific fabric. We decided on a simple line with princess seams that follows the contours of the body with a wide neckline and the desired fabric used as a front and back middle panel. I chose a nice linen to compliment the floral fabric and got to work in drafting and making a muslin for her. I had to be very careful before cutting on to the fabric because there was a limited amount of it available. The end result was very satisfying for both my customer and me.

It’s a very flattering dress, especially for curvy girls (I made a similar one for myself too ; ) )