Some months ago, I was contacted by Beth of Haute Handbags asking me if I was interested in being included in the autumn Haute Handbags issue with my Linen Reusable Shopping Bag.  Back then I had no idea what Stampington magazines were and never seen a copy of Haute Handbags in my life.  Craft magazines are not very popular in my country and usually they are not imported. Anyway, samples were sewn, words were written and months have passed.

And last week (my time lapse with documenting reality is notorious by now) a copy of Haute Handbags arrived in my P.O. Box. And it’s worth noting that it was a day I was feeling a bit miserable and not creative.  I tore up the nylon sleeve immediately and admired for a couple of seconds the beautiful bag of the front cover, made from selvage edges.

But that wasn’t enough,  I found the table of contents and hopped on to page 106.

and there was my Linen bag.

It’s the first time my work is being printed and published in any medium, so you’ll have to excuse me doing the hip-pity hop dance. Then I’ll return to my issue of Haute Handbags and admire and be inspired by all the featured artists.

And a few words about my bag. One day I cut up a plastic bag (as others have done before me) and transfered the pattern into my favorite material. Linen in natural colors. I wanted to add all my favorite crafting obsessions, so lace and vintage buttons were included in the decoration of the bag. And I decided on frayed edges because it makes it look nostalgic and natural. I’m guessing that if you let 100 people create a similar bag with their favorite materials then you’ll come up with 100 different versions.

The main reason I forget to carry a reusable shopping bag when I go out shopping is that it’s not already in my handbag and I need to fetch it from god know where, I’m also a notorious mis-placer of things. But the problem is solved when the shopping bag can be folded and permanently stored in my everyday handbag. So I placed button and string strategically to assist easy storing.

The bag is available in two sizes in my little etsy shop. Small and Big.

Now excuse me as I’ll have to enjoy my latte while browsing beautiful handbags in my magazine…