I’m just gonna ignore the fact that there’s been a little more than a whole year till my last blog post and I’ll unceremoniously continue blogging with some glimpses of my hot big hot greek hot August.

We’re doing a bit of house painting, mainly focusing on renovating the bathroom a bit.  As always commited to diy and the lowest budget possible. I hope I can show you some results soon.

News from the garden front:  when my beloved dogs don’t destroy everything I try to grow from seed, I manage to harvest some crops. This year the lucky seeds were the Heirloom Blue Hopi Corn and the Heirloom Roma Tomatoes I got from azuredandelion at etsy. The indian corn seems to like greek climate and produced many corn cobs. Unfortunately we were late at harvesting some of them and they turned hard.  The day was saved when I found a chilli con carne recipe and added them to the mix.

a corn cob weirdo

I found this roma tomato touching the ground, so inevitably it was infested with several bugs. It’s fully ripe so I’m keeping it for next year’s seeds.

I’m trying to desing a new banner for my little etsy shop. I made this bunting using pages from an old german dictionary which I painted with watercolours. Then, I sewed each piece on a fancy ribbon and added some pink buttons. Let’s see now how this is gonna transform to a nice banner, missus.

Sad that I have to say goodbye for now, I had more photos ready to upload. But, you see my diner has arrived and it’s a greek souvlaki with an indian twist, made by an indian local restaurant and named “taj mahal”.  Bye bye!