I promised  I would post the making of the Barbie cake for the Barbie Makeover Cake contest over at Ravelry. Optional theme: Knitting. Who won? Well, all cakes were so good that we didn’t feel like voting so we all won!

I used a basic recipe for a kataifi dessert with pastry cream on top. But instead of making it flat, I baked the kataifi dough in a bowl shape and poured the cream inside. When it got firm and chilled well the whole dessert could stay in place. I made a hole in the middle, stuck the barbie inside and had fun building the decoration.

For those of you who don’t know what a kataifi dough is, it’s a type of phyllo, shredded to look like angel hair and used in sweets with nuts or with cream.  Looks like this:

I arranged it in a tall saucepan and it took a bucket shape when the baking was over…

Then made a pastry cream. The original recipe called for a simple pastry  cream, but I though that would be rather boring so I added a cup of chopped strawberries. Mmmm…

Poured the cream in the kataifi bucket and let chill in the refrigerator. Then I unmolded it and started decorating. I used only turkish delights, whipped cream and a few candy colored sprinkles here and there.

The whole concept is that Barbie’s skirt is made of yarn and she knits herself. Something like a yarn mermaid that regenarates yarn…whatever

Ready… set…eat!!!!

It was yummy!