My friend Miwa from Japan sent me a surprise gift package.  Full of items to Hello-Kitty-fy my kitchen (and my stomach).

Among other things there were Hello Kitty chocolates,

hello kitty cookies (a cream filled crunchy pastry from Shikoku island),

and my favorite: a Hello Kitty pot! How can that not make you smile? I can only think of cooking creme anglaise in there, or custard, or heating the cream for the ganache….

This package made my day, or better, my week. A great Easter present from the always thoughtful Miwa. Cause we greeks are having Easter a week later than most of you guys out there. And it’s tomorrow.  We’re gonna visit friends and barbeque and eat, drink and have fun all day long.  It’s a tradition in this part of the world. And the only reason I like Easter.