When I left you at the last post the spring was coming. Now the spring has arrived and it has stolen away my time. But it’s worth it. Here is a list of my time stealing activities:

#1 I commited myself to exercise at least 30 minutes each day. The only exercise that not bores me to death is bicycling. I love my bicycle and my afternoon rides. Full of spring images and smells. I live in a rural area near the sea and I get to enjoy what city people can’t:

afternoon seascape at Marathon Bay

#2 Spring cleaning! I’m the first to admit I suck at housekeeping, but some amount of spring cleaning is necessary. And satisfactory.

#3 I was busy setting up my Etsy shop!  Yes, it’s  finally a reality after months of drawbacks. It still features only a fraction of the items that I want there, but it’s a start. I also thought I should try out the European Dawanda shop and I’ve set up a store there too. Drop by and say hi if you’re already there.