I’m officially done with anymore winter sewing or knitting or crocheting from now on. I will now only work spring and summer projects.

This was the final transitional project from winter to spring. A crochet tunic made from one of my favorite japanese books, KNIT, from which I’ve also knitted this cardigan last month.

The truth is it came out looking more folksy on me than what it seemed in the original photo from the book. But I still like itand I think I’ll be wearing it throughout spring. I used Rowan Pure Wool DK for it, because the original calling for Anny Blatt Angora was too pricey for me. Rowan Pure Wool is stiff when worked but after washing and blocking it becomes soft and drapes beautifully. But that’s a problem with this pattern because the collar doesn’t stand straight as it should. the garment is worked in one piece and then the sides are stitched on the upper side together and you add a decorative button. Mine doesn’t show in these photos but it’s there, I promise! It produces a looe tunic that opens at the sides.

Somedays are sunny and hot in this part of the world and you can go out with short sleeves and some days are rainy and chilly, like today. but overall I don’t think we have lot of cold days left, so I will not produce more winter garments. Because given the fact that I need at least one month to finish something, by the time I finish it will be too hot to wear. And I’d hate to put a new project in hold in a dark closet without wearing it. So, bye bye wool, alpaca and beloved baby llama and hello cotton, linen and bamboo. Same goes for sewing.

Yesterday I got all my summer cottons out of the boxes and searched for the perfect wrap skirt. I found an IKEA quilt cover that is going to be transformed into a lovely skirt. I’ll finish it today and take a photo as soon as the sun shines again. Till then take care.