This blog has seen better times. But there are times when life is too sad, hectic and stressful and the blog is one of the first things to go. It’s been so long that I’ve visited my dashboard since the last time that wordpress logged me out. But I’ve used that away time to learn a new craft.And that is always a good thing. Last year I learned how to crochet and that was enough. I said to myself: You’ll learn how to knit when there’s a need for it. When you’ll find a project that you can’t crochet. Because I need a strong motive if I’m going to learn a new skill. It’s hard work since I always teach myself and it takes time.

The story is that I found a crocheted cardigan that had ribbed waist, sleeves and collar. And it was the right time to grab a pair of needles and start practicing. I tried many styles and ways to hold the yarn and move around the needles and I finally found what was so annoying with my first attempts. It’s impossible for me to coordinate my moves with english knitting method, like I learned as a kid and like most people in my country knit. But when I  tried continental for the first time it was a revelation. I could be effective, fast and pain-free. English method makes my right hand hurt soooo much.

I used some scrap yarn for my first tries, because I didn’t want to practice on  my cardigan. This is my fourth try and the first succesful one:

Then it was time to move on to the real project.  It took a lot of time to finish because that’s when life became sad, hectic and stressful as mentioned above. But I did finish it last week. It’s a pattern from my new favorite knitting book by Ondori (again). The designer is called Asae Misono and the english title is KNIT.

It features 21 absolutely fabulous everyday-wearable knitting and crochet projects (mostly knitting though)  and they’re the kind of designs I would be determined to pay a lot of money to have them bought (if I could find them around). But since I can’t find and buy them, I’ll make them.  Maybe all someday, who knows.

My version of the no.4 project “cardigan” is right here:

I like the intentional long sleeves, the crochet pattern and especially the big collar. I also like that you can find many ways to wear it, looser, tighter,different pins to close it in the front. I was afraid after the first rows that the color would look a bit army-like, but it looks much more moss-like and I like it. I used Cascade Bollicine Etoile mohair/nylon blend that I bought on sale a year ago. It’s nice and soft and VERY warm. I love mohair. And good yarns on sale. And the collar. Oh, I already mentioned that:

Now, inevitably, I’m hooked on knitting. I know how to knit, purl, rib, increase, decrease, how to knit into forth and back, how to do a stitch called brioche and that’s all for now. After this cardigan I also knitted a scarf, a beret and a turban hat. I’m gonna show you in the next post. ok?