When it comes to crocheting (but I guess it comes to knitting too), I diagnosed myself recently with the 75% syndrome. Ravelry helped me figure it all out. You know, it has the feature to add a percent number to any project you are currently wip-ing. So I noticed that each time a project reached the 75% percent or around that number, I stopped it, put it on a shelf and started a new one. Then another. Then another.

Hm, a repeating pattern, I thought. But why am I doing such a thing? i tried to explain myself to myself and here’s what, I believe, happens.  You start a crochet/knitting project, excited, oh la la, the picture at the book looks awesome! Then you spend the first rows understanding and learning to repeat the pattern. That’s enjoyable. Once you do learn it, you can know go on and crochet/knit it without looking at the pattern. That’s enjoyable too. Right before you reach the 50%  it starts to get boring. but you say to yourself, come on we have to finish at least half of it. And you reach 60-65% slowly. But it gets more boring and then you are close to 75% which is very close to the 100%. You convince yourself that you don’t need much time to finish it. “If I need to, I can finish it in x number of days.” So you say. So let’s start a new project just to wipe the boredom away. And from that point on the syndrome repeats itself. And I start to squeeze my UFOs on a shelf I use for WIPs.

This is the story of the Pineapple Lacy Stole (ravelry link). And the Legwarmers, the armwarmers, the slippers and some tawashi in between. But it’s finally finished!

My mom saw me twice working on it and both times asked for it, so I gave in. I will go to my mom and not the original recipient.

The pattern is from the japanese crochet book: Let’s Knit Series: Crochet Lace, ISBN # 978-4-529-04342-7, no # 19

I used Habu Tsumugi A1 silk lace yarn. This is a very special yarn. Feels like cotton, it’s lace and has tweed details. It’s sturdy and strong and perfect for lacy designs that won’t feel like there’re ready to fall apart. Looks pretty and holds the stitching pattern and when looked upon closely it reveals it’s tsumugi beauty. Look how pretty it is.

I started this project late July/early August. It kept me company on hot nights out in the garden, it traveled with me at my September vacation, suffered months of loneliness due to my 75% syndrome and now it’s blocked and gift-wrapped, ready to give to mom for Christmas.

So…I’m curious, do you have a syndrome that haunts you and doesn’t let you finish your projects? What is it?