I said that one day I would sew all the projects from this japanese book. This is the third pattern from the book and the 4th finished project.

My adjustments: Shortened the length to below-knee instead of the ankle-legth of the original. I just don’t wear maxi-dresses, that’s all.

The fabric: a wool-cotton blend maybe, I forgot to ask, very soft and drapey and denim-like.

The collar: I love anything with a raised collar. I can’t help it, it’s fetish. I feel safe in it. I used medium to thick collar interfacing to achieve the looks of this one.

The pockets: woo-hoo. They are great and the metal detail adds character to the dress. At least I think so. But I will have to stop this bad habit of mine of filling pockets with stuff and then forgetting where they are…

The garment: I love it. First, it’s cozy, second you can wear it all four seasons with different combinations of t-shirts, pullovers, knits, long-sleeves, short-sleeves, 3/4 sleeves and so on. It looks great with all my shoes (very practical). It makes you feel like you’re going to the country for a walk to harvest wild-berries.

The weird fact: It has a 30cm zipper on the back. The instructions called for it and I didn’t question them, until I finished the garment and realized there is no need for a zipper, since you can just pull it over your head. So, why did the pattern called for it? Design reasons? Psychological ones? Who knows. The most important thing is that the method for placing it, was different than the usual zipper instructions you find in books and that resulted in THE BEST ZIPPER I HAVE PLACED SO FAR. Really. I’m adopting this method for sure.

The invisible fact: I used purple thread for the sewing. I did. I thought that since it had many decorative stitches, it would be nice to have a little color variation. Well, you can’t see it. Why? This purple thread on this brown fabric becomes invisible. If you don’t look at reaaaaally close, you see nothing. I must remind myself to frequently take two steps back from any sewing project and look at it from a different angle in the future.