The coat is ready and the weather is still hot, so I’m not out of schedule. No kidding, we’ve been wearing t-shirts for the past 2 weeks here in Greece, the weather feels more June-like than mid-November-ish right now. So I couldn’t wear and model my new coat, but I sure got some pictures to show you. I like the result, I made no mistakes this time, I handstitched the lining twice (it puckered the first time) and I’m very satisfied with the result. Looks very pro. What I didn’t think before starting, was that maybe this type of coat is not really my style. That’s why I like it better when it hangs on the sewing dummy than when I’m wearing it. And it’s not a matter of size because the sewing dummy is custom made and is exactly like me. But the coat is so nice and huggable that I’ll get over my theory and get used to wearing it. I will, I promise. When it gets cold at last.

So here is the finished project from the Burda magazine free pattern

Ok, I know that at the front the overlaping is not 100% accurate….

front waist detail

sleeve detail

front closure detail

back waist detail


the lining!

I swear I bought this IKEA kids fabric because I thought it would match my purple fake fur that was already in my stash. And I had no idea what I would make with the combination. I know it looks a bit weird, at least to people that want to look serious and grown up, but that’s not me. I always like to add a bit of fun to my clothes. And that’s why I like sewing wearables in the first place.

This project pretty much sums up what I’m like. An adult that refuses to grow up. And that’s how I’ll finish this post, murmuring “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up” by Tom Waits