It happens all the time, I fall in love with the cover dress (in this case and the fabric) and buy the book, not matter what else there’s inside. But then I can’t sew it, because I don’t find suitable fabric. Then one day there is a marimekko sale online and it takes only a quarter of a second to mentally combine dress and fabric and click the submit order button.


This book is called “Lace anb Buttons” and features clothes decorated with (take the wild guess) laces and buttons. I found out when I received the book, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing, even though two or three of the dresses are too “granny” for my taste. Most of them I would gladly wear and some of them I love. The book features mostly dresses and tops, accessories and a couple of home decoration projects. Unfortunately it has no pattern sheet included. Instead it has some detailed diagrams to help you draft your own pattern. Unfortunately (yes that’t a second one)  it only has diagrams for one size (the small and short one). So the people who can use the book have to be intermediate to expert in sewing or the adventurous type (or small and short). As an inspiration for using lace and buttons, it’s useful to many more.

Sooo… I did my first pattern drafting from scratch with this one, following basic guidelines from the book How to Make Sewing Patterns by Donald H. McCunn and Robin Lew. I altered the original a bit, added darts, walked around with an old bedsheet muslin, cutting and pinning and folding and the first version of the dress tried to choke me!!! I swear it did! Even though the muslin was ok, I must have made a mistake somewhere and the neck opening was too tight. Took me one afternoon to make the correction and here it is.

I love this fabric. It’s trippy. If you stare at it for a while, you can swear it’s moving.

The buttons are from a flickr button swap. I went through my entire stash of vintage buttons (and that’s a big one) and the only ones that I liked without a doubt where these. Aren’t they pretty?

Since it’s the Marimekko post I shouldn’t forget mentioning my simple appelsiini A skirt.

With every finished sewing project you gain experience, learn something new, test a new technique. So what did my last sewing projects tought me? Let’s see.

1. If there’s a Marimekko sale, take the fabric and run (before others do).

2. Drafting your own sewing patterns is not as intimidating as it seems.

3. You can never have too many A skirts.

4. I love to make and use bias tape on waistlines.

5. I learned how to make the lined collar.

6. Never underestimate the use of fusible interfacing.

7. And doner the grey cat helped me (he told me to tell you that 😉