July is here and the heatwaves arrived. Not much energy to do crafting. But still I’ve managed to finish yet another summer dress from the infamous book of my previous post. I ranked it as the perfect summer dress. Plus it’s really easy to sew. All you’re gonna need is 2,5 meters of fabric and about 20 meters of elastic thread. And some patience to sew the elastic thread parts. The only problem now is that I need at least two variations of it. And around autumn I will need the sleeved versions too. Good thing that Marimekko was on sale this week and I got a good grip on it. Can you imagine marimekko dress with this pattern? I can.

This is called brilliant pattern design, don’t you think? You just cut straight pieces of fabric and then let the elastic rectangular details do the fitting job. How didn’t I think of this? (uhm cause you don’t design patterns, that’s why). So here is the technical drawing of the dress.

And here it is finished and modelled by me:

and a view of the details:

Once more: the book is called “Dresses with Straight Stitches” and has ISBN-10: 4309280196