I’ve been on a personal pledge like the one at Wardrobe Refashion for at least 5 months. The title in my head is: “If you can make it, don’t buy it”. The last thing I remember buying were two Hello Kitty tops (oh the guilty pleasures). My personal pledge includes not buying house cleaning and skin care products, if I can figure out how to make them. Invaluable help for this have been two books: The first one is Organic Body Care Recipes by Stephanie Tourles and Better Basics For The Home by Annie Berthold-Bond. I also use Smart Soapmaking by Annie Watson and The Everything Soapmaking Book by Alicia Grosso, for my soapmaking adventures. My pledge says that if I can’t make it, then I have to buy something eco-friendly and cruelty free. And you know what? So far it wasn’t difficult to follow my own pledge. Sometimes it takes some time to prepare a soap, whip up a facial cream or find the correct essentials oil for an anti-mosquito lotion, but it’s time you save driving to and from malls, super markets, shoping centers and the like. And you simply can’t compare the money you lose buying things you don’t need in packaging that you’ll throw away.

My point, my point where’s my point. Ah, yes. The Wardrobe Refashion pledge. I’ll take it. I’ll add it to my personal ongoing pledge. So here it is: