Finally I can move this post from drafts to published. It includes photos of a fabric card that I send to my swap pal MarthaG from Ravelry and I didn;t want to spoil the surprise. Especially since her package arrived first and I got to know firt that we were  were the same, upstream and downstream partners. Ok,so here we go with this one.

It’s no secret that I like IKEA fabric. Not all of it, but most of it, yeah, I could marry. I was searching through my fabric stash for a happy spring design to make the Craft magazine wrap skirt. And when I saw this, I had to give it a try. I was afraid it might be a bit too “happy” but, hey, it’s spring right?. Well the wrap skirt came out pretty well, here it is. I made it using the basic craft pattern for advanced sewers, but without the pockets ( I rarely need pockets when I’m wearing skirt) and with my own closure system, two pop-till-you-drop buttons and two invisible snaps. I also made 1.8 bias tape from an orange fabric scrap and used it at the waist. I would love to add some pipping as the pattern called for, but I couldn’t find any color that I liked at the sewing notions shop (they were out of orange or green pipping, seriously).
So I just topstitched the hem with orange thread. Very happy with the result, very easy and fast to sew pattern, I’d like a second one now with more different colors.

these buttons were from an ebay lot of buttons. they were screaming out of the button box “pick me pick me”.

Then I needed to make a card for my swap buddy at the Ravelry Caffeine Addicts Swap. Ans as always I make my little fabric cards using my favorite fabric scraps (which I never throw away, do you?). And my favorite fabric scrap for this month, was…guess…right!
It’s very easy to make a fabric scrap card.

  • Take a colorful paper (I use A4 folded in half most of the times cause there’s plenty of space to write your staff inside).
  • Then cut your fabric scrap a little bit smaller than the half A4 (that’s an A5 right?).
  • You could use it like this but a like my card a bit sturdier, so I take a craft-weight fusible interfacing and iron it on the fabric.
  • Then take your pinking shears and trim your piece of fabric nice and well.
  • Now you can glue your fabric on the paper, but I won’t. I prefer to sew it around. Take a nice embroidery thread and needle and stitch all around with even spaces. Be sure to start and finish your stitching at the top side of the card.
  • When finished you can use the thread that remains for attaching beads, buttons or mini crochet flowers or whatever your imagination (and your crafting stash suggests. In this case a added a simple crochet flower and two beads. I stitched some more beads on the fabric and decided it was enough.
  • All you have to do then is add your wishes and love words on the inside.