From MarthaG (ravelry nickname) of Flora, Fauna, Fur and Fiber came the most beautiful bountiful delicious full of aromas and tastes package. Yesterday I woke up at 5 o’clock because one of my cats decided to play football with a soda can. Then I couldn’t fall asleep again. Left home for work and went by my po box at the post office at 7:30 in a grumpy state of mind. And left with the same grumpy mood cursing at universal postal services that don’t adopt teleportation as a postal service. Late afternoon I went to deliver some business packages at the local post office branch and the lady that knows me said that I had a box there waiting for me. And then came the smell of coffee and I knew immediately what it was. My ravelry swap budy MarthaG!!! Made my day.

When I opened I became happier cause Martha’s package was the best treat I could ever receive, I feel so spoiled and pampered. She really did a good job reading my blog and ravelry personal info cause she included everything i like. Here’s my loot:

(more photos at my flickr swap set)

3 skeins of Araucania Pima Cotton Pomaire, 1 ball of peaches and cream in burnt orange and another one in Mar-Di-Gras, two packages of ground coffee from stumptown coffee roasters that smell divine. I already tried the Nicaragua one first thing this morning and it was a revelation to me. Sometimes when I like something I forget to search for new things. That has happened with my previous coffee choice. But now I have a new favorite coffee and a reason to keep searching for more 🙂 I also got earl grey with bergamot, my all time favorite with an mesh ball to go with it. Then I got the best mug ever, big with cats on it from a shop she told me is called “the cat’s meow” (now there’s a pin added to my to-visit places). I also got chocolate covered bluberries that my boyfriend and I keep stealing from the kitchen with innocent looks, chocolate squares (yummy), a handmade soap from River County Soapworks “Citrus Splash” that has a perfect smell and I’ll try when my current soap finishes and some cocoa orange bath truffles. And if you think I wasn’t spoiled enough there is more inside!!! Nice practical stitch markers (can you believe that I’ve been crocheting all this time without them?) a small cute mini bamboo crochet hook and the big surprise. 3 Japanese crochet books from Kinokuniya Bookstores. I was speachless when I saw these beauties. We don’t have any japanese bookstores in Greece (cause let’s face it there are no japanese people around here) and all my japanese crochet and sewing books were ordered online. It was an amazing add-on to my collection. MarthaG I can’t thank you enough.