And I asked myself, why do the kids always take the cool fabric designs?
Why not make an adult’s garment from kids fabric?
I spotted this design in the IKEA fabric/duvet cover/sheet section from far away. I runned into it hoping that it would be available as a fabric per meter too, but it was just a kids duvet cover. But still I had to take it and figure out later what to do with it. And the idea came when boyfriend asked for pajamas. He was a bit surprised when I showed him the fabric, but hey, one can wear whatever he wants inside his home, right? Just to be sure I measured the fabric and just so you know, it’s enough for a man’s LARGE size pajama.  (pattern called for a medium, but seriously, who likes a fitted pajama set?)

So here we are: what can you make out of an duvet cover. Let’s go:
a. Pajama set

b. Bib as a gift to your newborn nephew (from the pillow cover)

c. Moth repellent sachets DIY

d. Tote bag with remaining fabric (WIP – will post when finished)

Everything is used now, even the scraps.