The second project was a gift to George for his birthday.

I once had this really warm and fuzzy dark gray sweater that I loved. But one day it sneaked into the wrong laundry program and got shrunk. A lot. So I decided to felt it once more in 90 Celcius and the result was a tiny but fuzzy and completely felted sweater.  So I first cut the basic part, two half-circles for the main hat. Sewed the two pieces together with machine elastic stitch (you can use narrow zig-zag of your sewing machine doesn’t have elastic stitches). Then I temporarily taped a piece of tracing paper on the hat and designed the flaps on it while the recipient was still wearing it. (To be sure it is symmetric, it’s better to design only one flap and half the backand then cut it on folded fabric.) Then I added this piece with top-stitching on the basic hat and voila. Added a felt robo-skull and two buttons for mbelishment. Finally two snap fasteners for quick and easy flap release.

(with the flaps up)

(flaps down, front view)

(flaps down, side view)

I’ve heard the weather forecast and next week will be too cold. Now I need one for myself, too.