I have many old sweaters in my closet. Either too small or washed at the wrong temperature and shrunk or with small holes and worn out. And I want to remake all of them. The Japanese book I bought a while ago “Remake Knits” was very inspiring and helpful. So I’ve ut it to good use and the first project was to turn an old shrunk levis sweater into a handbag. I just added a closure button to the pattern. I just remembered it after I had lined the handbag. Which means it had to be sewn separately. arg. I never stay focused when I sew and I always do these absent-minded mistakes…

Solving the puzzle of the Japanese pattern with success.

basic pattern

The result. it has felted applique flowers and a wool roving bee and embroidery thread for decoration. Also featuring a Hello Kitty button. It’s a rather small handbag (at least for the amount of stuff I carry with me around every day) but I insist on using it each and every day since I made it.

The lining of the handbag. I’m big lover of anything orange.

Detail of the bee.

Handbag is ready. Equip and enjoy!