This Christmas I decided I’de make for my crafty friend nup a pair of placemats. We both love cats and stuff for and about cats. So Cat Placemats it was!!! I found the pattern on a japanese book with fabric projects you can make for your cat plus some cat inspired projects you can make for yourself. I found it on ebay and unfortunately I can’t direct you to its title and author, because it’s all japanese to me. It featured this nice design for placemats. I was lingering between soft and hard placemats. I asked my boyfriend which one he would prefer and he said hard. And finally I went for the soft version I wanted from the beginning. This is how it always happens, right? I lined them with soft fleece . Made from cotton washable at 60 C, keeping them in good shape will not be a problem. They are also hand-embroidered. That was fun cause it was the first time I tried to embroider and I had absolutely no idea what stitches to use. It was interesting trying to decipher the stitches from the japanese pattern.

front side

back side (from an IKEA fabric)

detail from the embroidery (not bad for a beginner I guess)

rolled with a ribbon and ready to give as a gift…

(sorry for the moire on the photo, it happens sometimes)