Trying to find fabric in Greece is a big adventure and I should dedicate a post to this some time. I’ve spotted on the web Japanese fabric and loved it. So recently I’ve contacted Miwa for informations about it and asked for web places that I could buy some. She replied with lots of web resources and also mentioned that her friend Nami, member of Shanachie (a Japanese group that plays European folk music), wanted to give me some old chirimen fabric. So I wasn’t prepared at all, when on New Year’s Eve I received in the mail a bag full of Japanese fabric selected and packaged with love by Miwa.

I had some quality time 😉 just petting and arranging and taking photos of this beautiful fabric.  A simple gesture can give you such a great joy. Now I have lots of projects in mind for my Japanese fabric stash.  Let me show you it 🙂

First the cotton:

(I just looooove this simple black and white floral)

And the big rolls of vintage chirimen (crepe) fabric from Nami and her mother’s collection.  This is so pretty and special I’m saving it for “that” special project:

A big thank you to Miwa, Nami and Nami’s mother!!!